06 December 2009

Karma in Guinea

I don't really believe in the supernatural, but recent the recent shooting of the leader of Guinea's ruling junta by his aide de camp might lead some to believe that there is some sort of karmic force at work in the universe.

Guinea junta chief Captain Moussa Dadis Camara was flown to Morocco on Friday for hospital treatment after being wounded in a gun attack by a former military aide, Moroccan authorities said.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer military dictator.

In September, the Guinean junta massacred 157 pro-democracy protesters and perpetrated widespread rape of women who participated in the protests. Camara claims that he wasn't at the rally because he couldn't find the keys to his pickup truck.

There are some rumblings that a) the shootout occurred in relation to investigations surrounding the September massacre and b) that this may spell the end of Camara's brief rule. He is currently undergoing treatment for the wound in Morocco.

Camara's Orwellian-named National Council for Democracy seized power last year amidst some hope that they would usher in a more liberal and democratic future and crack down on the drug trafficking that has plagued the small West African state. That hope quickly faded and it became clear that Camara did not intend on stepping down anytime soon.

Here's hoping that the Camara shooting could be a beginning toward a better path for Guinea.

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