14 December 2009

Chinese Racism

The New York Times has an interesting panel on racism in China today. I think that most of the writers have some interesting and important things to add, particularly in terms of how China has long dealt with minority groups, to the point where many of the emperors were only partially Han (if at all)!

But possibly the most illuminating participant is so only because of how oblivious he is. Zai Liang, a Chinese professor of sociology at SUNY, sounds exactly like an American Minuteman. He seems to blame most of the problems between China and its minorities on illegal immigrants who cannot speak Chinese. Never mind the problems China has with its legal minority groups (like the Tibetans and Uighurs). In fact, he completely dismisses these problems, citing China's "30-year history of opening up" as evidence that China is an inclusive state without racism problems!

This, unfortunately, is a common perception no matter what part of the world is looked at. It is easy for Americans today to throw stones (look at our President! Look how far we've come!), but the truth is that more needs to be done worldwide to help ethnic/religious/sexual/etc. minorities around the world. It would be good if the world's second strongest power tried to do it some as well.

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