21 December 2009

Track of the Day & Health Care Thoughts

Goes out to the Congressional GOP:

Seriously, it's pretty amazing when you consider the sheer amount of poo flung during this whole process that something approaching a half-way decent bill seems to be emerging from this process. Here is but a brief list of some of the crap that got us to this point:

  • socialism!!!11!!11, err, um Communism!!!11! (to be fair, these tactics had already been trotted out during the presidential election), I mean fascism or maybe Nazism!!!!!1!
  • summer '09: crazy wingnuts scream at members of Congress about tyranny
  • the teabag movement (copyright Fox News 2009)
  • protesters literally routinely comparing health care reform to Hitler's policies and making pictures of the President as Hitler
  • Max Baucus' wanktastic finance committee machinations, and then Chuck Grassley turning on him
  • Olympia Snowe's grandstanding
  • "They're gunna take yur Medicare!!!1!" (even though we viciously opposed and probably continue to oppose Medicare)
  • Sarah Palin's Twitter feed
  • the Stupak Amendment
  • big insurance backed ad campaign
  • Senator Eeyore
  • Ben Nelson's most recent hissyfit
  • DEATH PANELS!!!!!!!

A veritable gauntlet of douchebaggery.

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