26 December 2009

Kentucky Proud

Ya know, I kind of respect Jim Bunning for just half-assing (at best) what little remains of his...ahem...illustrious U.S. Senate career. He obviously could not give two shits about his job at this point, and I can't say I really blame him. We don't like him and he doesn't like us. Let's just try to remember him for his no-hitters.

Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., was the only senator to miss the historic Christmas Eve vote on the health care overhaul bill.

"The senator had family commitments” and was at home in Kentucky, Bunning spokesman Mike Reynard said in e-mails.

The missed vote was one of 21 this month — nearly half of all Senate floor votes — that the retiring senator skipped.

At least we'll be getting a new senator before too long. They couldn't be much worse than Bunning, right? Right? Oh crap, what's that you say? One of the major candidates is named after Ayn Rand? Oh dear...

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