23 February 2010

Women on submarines

I'm going to have a larger post later about the importance to the country of allowing all capable groups of citizens to serve their country in the military in an equal way. However, first, I want to share that one of the last male-only bastions of the military will soon be open to women as well. The Navy is working on rules to allow women in subs!

This isn't really news-Mullen had announced this a few months ago. There are a lot more details now, and apparently the idea of having an all-female sub is no longer being considered (instead, there will be mixed gender subs).

Some people are already up in arms over this. Extra showers will be needed! Sexual harrassment (or maybe accusations of harrassment) will run rampant! It's a giant experiment in political correctness!

Please. I went to a college where many men and women shared group showers. Guess what? There was very little sex in them, in a college that celebrated sex and where people had sex in every single place on the campus.

As a card-carrying liberal feminist who wants to destroy all gender roles, I do not understand why we cannot learn to treat each other as professionals. Men and women are not so different, and if men and women can treat each other as just people, then the world can be a much better place. Hopefully, this will be a step towards that.

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