04 February 2010

Jeff Sessions

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions seems like a charismatic guy and has a really charming smile. He's also good at seeing when he's said something really dumb and doing the whole "aw, shucks" as he fixes it.

That aside, he's one of the most obviously bigoted men in the whole US Senate, and an embarrassment aside. His past history of racially horrible remarks (including saying that he supported the KKK until he found out they smoked marijuana).

Now, he's all but accusing the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of a crime for opposing DADT. Sessions said that he was concerned that Mullen was exercising "undue command influence" to pressure subordinates to support the Chair's position on revoking DADT. Gates came to Mullen's defense pretty quickly.

It's pretty pathetic to see the entire "pro-military" Republican party go so far as to slander military officials in order to pander to homophobes.

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