22 February 2010

Joe Lieberman and DADT

Joe Lieberman has managed to remind me why it was I supported the deal that let Joe keep his seniority privileges. (Now, I believe in hindsight that it was a really bad idea and that Lieberman is a jack-ass who shouldn't be part of the Democratic caucus, but hey. Hindsight and all that.)

Lieberman is the one spearheading the Senate bill to do away with DADT. I'm really happy to hear this, but it doesn't really compensate for his health care jackassery (or any of his other jackassery for that matter.)

I doubt that his presence will actually cause any extra Republicans to support it, despite some pundits' hopes. We'll have to see. One would think the alignment of Gates, Mullen, and even Petraeus opposing DADT would be enough, but apparently not. This being one of the biggest civil rights issues of the current day (along with gay marriage), I'll take whatever support it can get, and I hope to all powers that it gets dealt with ASAP.

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