02 February 2010

North Korean evil

Christopher Hitchens has an interesting review of a new book about North Korea that helps to show the extreme evil of the North Korean regime.

The final paragraph sums up the whole review: "But this is what proves Myers right. Unlike previous racist dictatorships, the North Korean one has actually succeeded in producing a sort of new species. Starving and stunted dwarves, living in the dark, kept in perpetual ignorance and fear, brainwashed into the hatred of others, regimented and coerced and inculcated with a death cult: This horror show is in our future, and is so ghastly that our own darling leaders dare not face it and can only peep through their fingers at what is coming."

I hate the North Korean regime with a fierce passion. I consider it the single most evil regime on the planet today. However, this once again brings up why attempting to change the regime, to prevent the horrors that could come, will only make things worse.

Hitchens has an unbroken streak of opposing totalitarian regimes, even risking his own neck to oppose fascism in Lebanon. (I do not speak of the merits of what he did in Lebanon, merely pointing out that he should not be considered a mere chicken-hawk.) However, the record of US governments in overthrowing evil regimes in preemptive action is remarkably poor. Any attempt at overturning the Kim regime will end in tragedy for all involved, but most especially the Korean people.

I give no recommendations; there are no options worth pursuing. But I believe (like Hitchens) that better understanding the North Korean regime is a good idea.

EDIT: Apparently, however, there is evidence that some people are taking arms against the regime. Rather insane news, overall, and probably to be taken with a whole salt lick. However, we can hope that it doesn't end in an utter massacre.

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