31 March 2010

More Trouble in Russia

More suicide bombings today in Dagestan. I know there were a lot of terrorist attacks in the North Caucuses last year (Foreign Policy puts it at more than 500), but since the attacks today are coming on the heals of a double bombing in Moscow I really do not see how this will not ratchet up pressure on Moscow to do something drastic. Already, people are complaining that Medvedev needs to take a more hard-line against the perpetrators. If Moscow does start taking a more aggresive stance hopefully they will be more competant than the last time.

Looking at this whole situation from a more theoretical position, it seems that separatists in the North Caucuses are trying to incite an overreaction from Russia that will further alienate the local populations and mobilize support for thier movement. This may be why Medvedev is moderating his rhetoric, to avoid railroading Russian policymakers into doing something that will only make things worse. If that is the case, Mr. Putin certainly didn't get the memo.

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