08 March 2010

Appalled would be a good word...

I guess I should just be happy that the "Patriots for a Moral Utah" are merely planning on exiling all gays, rather than just killing them.

I'm not entirely sure this is even a real group or that any real legislation will be proposed. No one with an ounce of sense would refer to something they were planning as a "final solution" to anything. No real anti-gay group would be offering state-funded transportation out for all homosexuals. (Also, I wonder if that's going to be open-ended...what about all the gay babies that haven't yet been born? Is this going to be an on-going gay entitlement? And will you have to pass a gay test, or could any straight boy who just hates Utah be allowed?) Also, if you read the actual bill, there is no money allocated for doing this, despite it saying that the state would provide transportation. (A link to the original document can be found here.) Also, it's definition of homosexual is extremely broad. Any person who has even kissed someone else of the same-sex counts under this proposed law. European ladies, you'll have to stay out of Utah. It's also blatantly illegal, as it asserts that any protests or rallies to "denounce" the law will be considered illegal conduct.

Most importantly, though, is that it will never pass. There is no evidence that the purported group even exists (a google search only brings up this one press conference), nor have any actual politicians signed on to this. Great publicity stunt, and nothing else.

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