17 March 2010


Having formerly lived in Kucinich's district, I take great pleasure in despising him. He is a grandstander, who takes grand stands that sound good until you really look into them. For instance, back in '04 when he was running for President he made a lot of hay about a "Department of Peace" that would try to find non-violent ways to end conflicts. This sounds decent, until you realize that all it will do is siphon resources from the Department of State. It also had an overly broad mandate, dealing with both international conflict and domestic violence. It would have been unmanageable.

Even when he supports something I support (like gay marriage or health care reform), he never learned that "the perfect is the enemy of the good.) Well, didn't learn it until now. Apparently, he will vote for the current health care bill. Thank god. Even Mr. UFO can see it now.

(h/t Yglesias.)

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