16 March 2010

Good idea from Yanukovych

Victor Yanukovych wants to put it current unaligned status into its law. This is a fabulous idea, as far as stability goes.

In both maps (the above from 2004, the below from 2010), blue denotes Yanukovich and yellow the opposing candidate (Yuschenko in '04, Timonshenko in '10). With very few exceptions, the country shows the same split in both cases, with Yanukovych winning the pro-Russian vote and Yuschenko/Timonshenko winning the pro-Western vote.

This could easily lead to the foreign policy of Ukraine careening back and forth with every single election. Making it policy, instead, to maintain neutrality between NATO and Russia is a great way to keep policy consistent over the long-haul, and is easily in the best interest for Ukraine. However, as I don't believe letting Ukraine into NATO is in our best interest either, it's a win-win.

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