03 January 2010

Rare culture war post

I try to avoid being the big culture warrior, though I am passionate about such issues, because there really is no convincing people. Unlike national security or economics, there are no areas that people can agree on.

However, I find it just abhorrent that people would deny gay partners the right to plan funeral services for each other. And even more abhorrent that the "National Organization for Marriage" is trying so hard to keep it that way. In Rhode Island, the governor vetoed a law that would allow domestic partners this very basic right, and NOM is sending out letters to state representatives telling them it's merely a trojan horse for marriage.

I dislike that it's the default that funeral arrangements are made by parents or children in the lack of a wedding band or express directions otherwise. If the entire world can see that someone else is closer (like, say, a 10 year long SO), that should be the default.

(h/t Joe. My. God., a great source for news about gay rights and the battle for them.)

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