14 January 2010

Convalescing West African Leaders Emerge

I have written previously about how Moussa Dadis Camara and Umaru Yar'Adua, the junta leader of Guinea and President of Nigeria, respectively, are both out of country for medical reasons. Camara was being treated in Morocco for a gunshot wound to the head. Yar'Adua is being treated in a Saudi medical facility for an unknown illness.

Both leaders have emerged in recent days. As I mentioned in a previous post, Yar'Adua issued a statement recently confirming that he is still alive (although there has been some controversy over whether the recorded statement was actually his voice). His absence is becoming quite problematic for Nigeria. Protests recently broke out over his absence, and now the issue of transition is being taken to court.

Meanwhile, Camara has been moved from Morocco to Burkina Faso, and it seems that he is purposefully being kept out of the country while the interim junta leaders prepares for some kind of transition toward more democratic rule. Overall, it seems that Camara's absence from Guinea is much more of a positive development than Yar'Adua's, which has been almost entirely detrimental.

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