17 January 2010


From a message board commenter:

Pfft, just realize Favre is truly the All-American QB.

Before each game he takes a Prilosec OTC or two to make sure he doesn't get heartburn while he's out there having fun and calling plays.

Underneath his pants are not pads, but American made Five Star Wrangler jeans with each star being a Hail Mary he's recited in the back to have God watch over not only himself, his team, his family and the opposition, but to also have it snow that much harder in Green Bay.

When he's out there, the man's just in the huddle with his left hand outstretched, using his right hand to draw out plays..telling Percy to run a hook route to the stop sign and to have Berrian run all the way to the street light before cutting it back towards the red house on the left.

If he's out there "running up the score", its only because he's trying to make sure that thru his play, America can rest assure that while she may be down, he is still going to perservere and overcome his struggles, which in turn motivates America to make a change and renew her hopes and dreams.

Face it guys, Brett Favre = America.

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