12 January 2010

Health Care Reform Opposition From the Left

Since the passage of the Senate health care bill, there has been quite a bit of unrest on the left over its very modest, gradualist provisions, with some even preferring to completely scuttle the bill. I tend to disagree with this line of thinking, and thought it was mainly confined to a few ardent leftwingers.

A new poll from CBS (via pollingreport), though, suggests that quite a bit of the opposition to health care reform may now be coming from the left. Here are the specific results which lead me toward this conclusion:

1) Support for the Republican approach to HCR is even lower than that of the Democrats.

2) 35% of respondents say that the reform "doesn't go far enough" in terms of expanding access to coverage to only 32% who say it "goes too far" and 22% who say it's "about right" (you could put me in the 35%).

3) A full 43% say that the cost containment measures "don't go far enough," with only 27% saying that they "go too far" and 18% saying that they are "about right." There's nothing inherently leftwing about health care cost containment, but within the context of this particular debate, the GOP/rightwing position has generally been against "bending the curve" and pro-fearmongering about death panels and other deterioration in the quality of care coming in the wake of reform.

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