06 January 2010


Sam Harris:

People will torture their children with battery acid from time to time anyway -- and who among us hasn't wanted to kill and eat an albino?


  1. A more interesting quote comes from later on, in the response:

    "It is clear that we need a debate about the role of religion in public life and the relationship between science and religion. I just wish this debate could be conducted in a more Socratic manner. Socrates, founder of the Western rationalist tradition, always insisted that any dialogue must be conducted with gentleness and courtesy, and without malice. In our highly polarized world, we really do not need yet another deliberately contentious and divisive discourse."

    This makes me really wonder whether she had even read any of Plato's depictions of Socrates, which always came off (to me at least) as a sarcastic, nasty man.

  2. Yeah, but that quote's not as funny.