05 January 2010

World Net Daily

I once had a student try to convince me that World Net Daily was a fully legitimate news source, and that I was being biased in not letting him use it. I pointed out that WND had been involved in a multitude of journalistic scandals and thus had a reputation as being completely unreliable. He responded with an email from the company swearing they were trustworthy.

It's sad, then, that even Glenn Beck, maestro of right-wing crazy, has implicitly lambasted the site, going off on "birthers" for merely making all Obama critics look unhinged. As WND is one of the biggest groups out there pushing the idea, they are now pushing back HARD against Beck, and so are their fans.

While I'll admit that I'd be happy as a lark to see Beck dethroned, I'd really rather it wasn't because of his first sane comment in a long time. But, that's the state of the right-wing in today's America.

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