04 January 2010

Security at home, and Tasers

I was a big fan of Tasers when they first got introduced, mostly because my hometown saw a series of extremely controversial shootings by police officers as well as big national stories like those in NYC. I thought it would be great if cops had a non-violent alternative so that they wouldn't have to shoot people.

Of course, instead, cops have turned from tasering as an alternative to shooting someone to just tasering people who are "uncooperative."

Now, the courts have ruled that illegal. Tasers may now only be used where such force is absolutely necessary. While such language is full of excuses for a creative cop, at least we can avoid people complying to cops wishes, the elderly, and eleven year olds from being tased.

The next step is to reduce the amount of utterly arbitrary power given to cops in general to just arrest anyone they feel like it...

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