02 January 2010

Building on Slim

One major difference between Af/Pak and Yem/Som is that in Af/Pak there are clear rebels and governments, and we are supporting governments over rebels. This is true on both sides of the border, the newness of the Afghan government notwithstanding. Moreover, the rebellion we are fighting is more or less united against us.

This is not as true in Somalia, where even the people we are "fighting" are killing each other. So, we support the Islamists who kill the more extreme, AQ-backed Islamists. It makes sense, but it also grossly complicated the picture, especially as it shows how helpless the "real" government is.

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  1. I don't think we were ever really "fighting" the Sufi militias...they're kind of a new development as a backlash against Shabab, from what I've read.