20 April 2010

North Korean insanity?

Supposedly, North Korea is getting ready for a THIRD nuclear test. US and South Korean diplomats are both denying this, and I hope they are right. At no point has a nuclear test done North Korea any good, and so this third test seems to be a real test of the rationality of the Korean regime. If the North Koreans do a third test, it means the government is not responding rationally to the world around it.

I cannot see any reason for a test. Granted, the last test was kind of a flop, but North Korea cannot have enough fissile material to just waste it willy-nilly on testing. Moreover, China is moving closer to the US once again, and pissing off China cannot be a smart move for a country with no other real allies.

My fingers are crossed that this is a hoax or a mistake.

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