08 April 2010

Kyrgyzstan Update

Looks like the opposition really did seize power yesterday. They have dissolved Parliament and set up a six month interim government headed by former foreign minister Rosa Otunbayeva. President (well, I guess former President) Bakiyev has not yet responded to demands for his resignation. I understand that the organs of democracy are cumbersome for a freshly born republic, but considering that the revolution only took two days (actually it was more like a protest that turned into a riot that turned into a revolution) it seems somewhat antithetical to the oppositions ethos to dissolve the institutions they are supposed to be strengthening. Couldn't they have at least kept it as an advisory body? I don't think this reveals any bad intentions but I do think it might be a mistake. Regardless, somebody needs to take responsibility and call a time out on all the rioting.

Also, its worth noting that the opposition was never keen on the US's engagement with Bakiyev. However, I doubt that this would put the airbase in danger since the US pays quite well to keep it there.

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