12 April 2010

Biggest Threat, Part 2

Frosty makes a good point. I don't think anyone in the Pentagon is really worried about a nuclear armed al-Queda, but President Obama has to address the concerns of the citizens, even if they are based more in movie reality than actual reality.

I'm not trying to dismiss the possibility of nuclear armed terrorist group (it is highly unlikely, but within the realm of possibility). However, I would definitely not classify it as the greatest threat facing the country. Nuclear bombs, terrorist attacks, insurgencies, and war are so dramatic that the public consciousness fixates on them and its easy to forget about the more mundane factors that are undermining our nation's security every single day. In my humble opinion, the greatest threats facing the United States involve no violence at all:

1) Long term, institutionalized debt (both public and private)
3) Increasing income inequality

All three of these have long term implications that will damage the primacy of the United States. What do you all think? What would be on your list?