07 April 2010

Kyrgyzstan Riots

Revolution in another ex-Soviet republic! Protests broke out into riots in three cities, including the capital. President Bakiyev fled the city earlier in the day and no one has heard from him since, but his prime minister has already agreed to resign. The opposition managed to take over one of the national TV channels and says that it intends to install a "people's government" that will clean up all the corruption and put an end to rising prices (doesn't all this seem familiar).

The US and Russia aren't being very vocal about supporting one side or the other. That could be due to their deep rooted respect for the principle of self determination... but its probably because they both have air bases in Kyrgyzstan. Anyway, I'll wait patiently and see if a new government actually gets installed, and then I'll wait some more and see if that government actually does anything different than the old one. Maybe they should learn from Ukraine's example and re-elect Bakiyev just to save everyone a lot of time.

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