02 April 2010

Definition of Insanity

North Korea, in the middle of massive instability and a few different international crises, is apparently going to try again to shut down the black markets.

If recent history is any guide, this will not end well. The article states that Kim is going to China first, possibly to get some food and investment aid, so that the regime can actually offer something to replace the markets. However, I don't see this ending well.

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  1. Also, the US is hosting a nuclear summit later this month and Hu Jintao has said he will attend. I would not be surprised if Kim brings this up during his visit.

    As for wiping out the black markets, the last time Kim tried this there were street protests and the regime was forced to moderate its policy. This time I hope for revolution. I know an unstable North Korea is not good in the short term, but since this regime has revealed its preference for national self-destruction over global integration I don't see any other way to change the lives of ordinary North Koreans. Revolutions are like surgery... do it quickly, get it over with, and then start the long healing process.